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Contract Management

Automate the complete contract lifecycle, streamline your approval process and gain actionable insights.

Saasam can work with you to provide a customised solution for managing your company’s contracts and integrating their information into other processes. In addition to the functions provided by stand-alone systems, such as notifying the appropriate people when contracts are about to expire, Saasam can make the information visible and actionable throughout your enterprise.

Some examples of the how our Contract Management solution can be applied include:

  • Support technicians dealing with customers need to know the details of the customer’s support contract — whether it’s valid, what it covers — when taking support calls or working in the customer support system.
  • IT personnel may need to know what computer a software license is installed on when managing those assets or requesting help under a support contract.
  • The appropriate sales reps need to know when contracts are coming up for renewal.


Whether you are the supplier of service contracts to your customers, or on the receiving end of service contracts from your company’s vendors; our solution makes it easy to create new contracts and to associate them with assets, services, products, contacts, accounts, vendors, opportunities, and so on. This allows contract information to be available from all the relevant areas in the system.

Efficient Approval Management

Eliminate approval bottlenecks with automatic notifications and one-click email approvals. The Agiloft powerful business rules engine keeps your contract team running like a finely tuned machine.

Instant File Access

Keep contracts at your fingertips and retire your file cabinets with a secure, centralised contract repository. Find any contract or clause in an instant with full text search of contracts and attached files.

Powerful Insights & Reporting

Gain actionable insight into contract costs, renewals, and revenues with configurable budget and forecast reports. Automatic alerts mean you'll keep up with every renewal opportunity, every time.

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Using the Agiloft platform, Saasam clients can choose to initially start with the contract management module and add integrated customer support, sales automation, and other functions, with no additional per-module cost. Agiloft is designed to map any business process, from the simplest to the most complex, without programming. A robust feature set offers all the power needed for even the most sophisticated process.